The Whole House podcast #31 Feigned Feminism Part 2

In today’s current culture, Christians often get a bad rap for words like submission and respect. Things get thrown out of context Amerey and Kathleen tackle what true feminism by looking through the eyes of Jesus. Listen to how Jesus responded to women instead of how culture has treated them. We can’t hang the character of God on the hook of history. We must study His character by examining His ways, the written accounts of His actions. Theology + Evidential Method = Truth Therein we will find Biblical Feminism. The gals discuss the historical setting of the Roman empire and the value of women in the time period verses how Jesus valued women. Jesus not only valued women, but he gave them a seat at his feet. Fast forward to the evolution of feminism in our country and why it is important to fight for women in other countries who don’t have the same rights as we do. Vibella Jewelry is one of the organizations that does this well- Our whole mission at Vi Bella Jewelry is centered on providing a path out of poverty for our artisans and a deep desire to form a community for them that is encouraging and prayerful. The employment that Vi Bella artisans are given creating jewelry, accessories, and hand sewn goods also creates more beautiful lives for them, their children, and their communities.

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