Talking with XXXChurch’s Carl Thomas

Porn addiction is a real thing and it’s a topic that we talk about here at We interviewed Blaine Bartel about his long journey to overcoming his porn addiction last year. This post is with XXXChurch’s Carl Thomas. Carl Thomas is a pastor who holds a Masters in Theological Studies graduating with High Distinction from Liberty University. He works with XXXChurch to help people overcome their addiction to porn. We talked recently about XXXChurch and what they do.


Gabe: What exactly does XXXChurch provide?

Carl: XXXchurch is a ministry that focuses on helping people. We focus on the areas of sex and sex addiction but talk a lot about marriage and parenting as well. Our mission is broken down into 3 main points:

1. Awareness – We want to make people aware about the issues we all face, particularly online. We shed light on the dangers of pornography and addiction.

2. Prevention – We are help to help prevent people from going down a destructive road. The primary way we do this is by offering resources like X3watch to help people with accountability.

3. Recovery – WE offer a ton of free content on our site in the way of blogs and videos but we also offer paid resources to help men and women who are affected by pornography and/or sex addiction. These would include workshops, online small groups, and blended programs that offer both.

Gabe: How successful are the services that XXXChurch provides?


XXXChurch’s Carl Thomas

Carl: Well, you can’t put a number on this type of thing but I can say that over the last 3 years I’ve been working for XXXchurch full-time I’ve seen many, many men and women find freedom from addiction. And honestly, beyond that, we think it’s a win when people just start talking about these things because that’s the first step. Our site gets close to 300k visitors a month so I’d say we are ebbing effective in our mission.
Gabe: What are your experiences like at the porn shows? Do you have any successes from those interactions?

Carl: When we are at porn shows it’s not about porn. It’s not about sex. It’s not about addiction. It’s just about Jesus.

The shows are just a mission field and as an organization we are very evangelically minded so we continue to do these shows year after year handing out free Bibles, thirst, and telling people Jesus loves them.

Yes, I’ve built some nice relationships with those in the industry and we’ve seen people come out of the industry and follow Jesus as result of our work.

Gabe: What would you say to people who say that porn can be a healthy part of life or even a relationship?
Carl: I’d say they are wrong. That’s an issue people can debate all day long but porn is fantasy sex and I’ve seen so many lives ruined by it that I really have no time to argue the point.
Gabe: Do you ever still have cravings?

Carl: I’m a guy. I still contend with lust at times like any man (or woman). But I know what porn brings and i have no interest in it. My marriage and calling is far too important to waste on a 1 hour bender watching porn.

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