Talking with Young Noah

One of the newest artists in Christian hip hop is Young Noah. Young Noah was the first signing of the new Level Change Music label. He’s currently on tour with the Newsboys. I talked with Young Noah at a recent tour stop about his new EP, the label, and the tour.


Gabe: You’re on this huge tour with the Newsboys and Audio A. What’s it like being on this tour?

Young Noah: Man, it’s crazy. It’s just a new level and height of exposure. I just feel grateful to God to be a part of it. My management team took a chance on me and said “Let’s put Noah on this tour and see how he does.”It’s been awesome because the crowd has responded so well to the hip hop.


Young Noah

Gabe: You’re like guinea pig with this. You’re the first guy they signed to this new label.

Young Noah: Yeah man!

Gabe: Do you feel pressure at all being the first guy?

Young Noah: I felt the pressure of wanting to succeed not only for myself but I want to make God proud more than anything. He’s the one I’m aiming to please. He’s taught me time and time again that He’s in control of my future, not people. God gives people opportunities. I just feel lucky to be selected by God to be a person on this tour. It’s just a management deal right now. There are record label talks but right now I’m still independent. I just have a management team right now that can make major moves.

Gabe: Are you working with Chris Chicago?

Young Noah: Yeah! Chris Chicago is the general manager. There are 3 different managers on the team. He’s over the Level Change division. Chris Chicago is the go-to guy for me. I’ve been learning the new avenues that I’m walking in.  I’m so grateful to God to be a part of this team. It’s great to have support and to have someone making things happen for you. It’s not just me by myself anymore.

Gabe: You just released a new EP. Talk to me a little about that.

Young Noah: This new EP has the new single “Long Way to Go” on it featuring Audio Adrenaline that blew up all over Billboard. Everyone is surprised how well this song has done. The EP is just a couple songs that I fell in love with. It’s called “Young Forever”. The topic and the goal is to focus on eternal things. It’s important to have an important perspective on life and not just focus on the present or earthly things. I really wanted people to realize that when Jesus comes that we’ll live forever with Him. We’ll be young forever!

Gabe: You’re on tour with Michael Tait who may be the most important African American figure in the history of CCM. I mean if you think about it, there’s not a whole lot to even choose from. 


Young Noah

Young Noah: Wow. I never really thought of it that way.

Gabe: What have you learned from him throughout this tour?

Young Noah: He’s just a man of God. He pulled me to the side after the 3rd or 4th show. We just started talking about the grace of God. Despite our frailties and shortcomings, God just blesses us. Being around him (Tait) makes you nervous a little bit because he’s Michael Tait, oh my goodness! *laughs* The other night he flew to the next town and he let Ryan Stevenson and I crash at his house. He just makes me feel so welcome!

Gabe: You can probably learn something just from his stage presence alone!

Young Noah: Yeah and just to have him there to speak to you and encourage you. Just for him to be there is a blessing! As the tour goes on, I’m sure we’ll have more talks. I’m just glad he’s an approachable, humble guy who is in love with Jesus.

Gabe: How long are you on this tour?

Young Noah: This tour goes until May 1st. And then we kick off another one in September. That one is actually 40 dates and I’ll have a larger set. I’m super excited! It’s a new life! I’ve performed in front of more people these first few dates than I probably have the last 2 years, since the Flame era. I feel restored! I feel like God has released me to be a minister. It’s been a long time coming and I’m super grateful!

Gabe: How can fans stay in touch with you?

Young Noah:! RealYoungNoah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Hit me up! Message me and check out my music!

Gabe: Thanks Noah!

Young Noah: Thank you!

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