Talking with Katelyn Read

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m especially excited about this post. I’ve gotten to interview so many artists over the last few years but this one is especially fun for me. Yes, Katelyn was on last year’s season of The Voice. But this is fun for me because I grew up with Katelyn. I’m especially proud of what she has done and am excited for what is to come. She currently has a Kickstarter for her new EP. Please consider being a part of this wonderful artist’s campaign. And check out our interview!


Gabe: What is your background with singing? When did you realize you had this talent?

Katelyn: I always enjoyed singing growing up and through college, but once I became a mom I stopped for a season. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I ever imagined I could do more with my voice. He encouraged me that I had enough talent to pursue it as a career. And so I did!

Gabe: What kind of music did you grow up listening to?


Katelyn Read

Katelyn: I grew up in the 90’s, and the first songs I remember hearing and liking on the radio were by Hootie and the Blowfish, Everclear, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows.. I could go on! Haha. While I don’t know that their style has heavily influenced mine, I know it influenced my perception of music. So many of those songs really made me feel something, and that’s what I want to create with my music. Songs that make people feel.

Gabe: How was your experience on The Voice?

Katelyn: The Voice was a great experience! And I would never do it again! The exposure is insurmountable, and the people behind the camera making it happen are some of the kindest people I have ever met.

Gabe: What are some positive things you learned through The Voice experience?


Katelyn Read

Katelyn: I honestly didn’t like performing until The Voice. I thought of myself as more of a recording artist, or just a song writer, because I was always so anxious about the stage. But having the support of everyone on the set and learning from seasoned professionals really grew a love for performing in me, and solidified that this is a career I can and want to pursue.

Gabe: What are some of the inspirations behind the new EP?

Katelyn: The songs on the EP come from experiences I been living through recently. Everything from motherhood and my relationships to chasing dreams. They’re songs about life, both the dark and the light times.

Gabe: What are you hoping people take away from listening to your work?

Katelyn: I hope that these songs help someone struggling through a difficult time, or that someone can focus the beautiful seasons of life past or life coming. I want these songs to provide hope, tell stories, and grow the connection we all have to each other because of shared experiences.


Katelyn Read

Gabe: How can people stay connected with you?

Katelyn: I love staying in touch with people! The easiest way is through social media. I’m on most platforms and my handle is @iamkatelynread. I also love meeting people at shows! One thing I didn’t expect from being involved in music was the community that builds around it. It’s a really beautiful thing, and I love getting to experience that with others.


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