Talking with Oh Tear the Veil

Recent winners of Creation Fest’s North East Talent Search contest, Oh Tear the Veil is an up and coming progressive metal-core band. Starting back in 2010, the band consists  of four brothers: Hayden, Chase, Colyn, Kasen. We were able to talk to Hayden and Chase about life on the road, musical influences and new music. 

Nathaniel: What has been the craziest thing that has happened to you on the road or onstage?

Chase: On the road, the weirdest thing that has happened to us.. we had two fans steal ottvour underwear off of our van when we were drying it..  and then they wrote their Instagram names on the underwear banding so we could follow them. On stage, Colyn was doing a spin at Creation Fest last year and he totally wiped out during the song.. he dropped so hard.

Hayden: People thought it was hilarious so it was awesome. Then this year, Chase almost fell off the stage at Creation Festival.

(all laugh)

Nathaniel: How did you guys get started as a band?

Chase: We started as a worship band for our church.. we led worship for our youth group. We started listening to heavier rock, like Pillar, Red and Thousand Foot Krutch.. as time went on we started to love that music. It was weird because our younger brother started screaming at around 8.. he wasn’t very good at 8 (all laugh)..  but over time he has gotten real good.

Hayden: God has been good. Who knew he’d give us all these talents to form a band, you know what I mean?

Nathaniel: How did you guys come up with your band name?

Hayden: Tear the Veil is from when Jesus tore the veil when he was on the cross.. back when we were on MySpace there was another group called Tear the Veil.. so we added Oh for Ohio to the beginning of it.

Nathaniel: How is it working with brothers?

Chase: It’s pretty good. It’s easy to practice.. for the most part everyone gets along. I’d say it’s pretty easy. We have our moments, but we kick it back pretty quick normally.

Nathaniel: This website is my brother’s and my other brother helps out also, so I know how it is working with brothers.

Hayden: Brothers interviewing brothers.

(all laugh)

Nathaniel: Who are your influences musically? The style that you play and who you listened to growing up.

Chase: For me, it would be North Lane.. when I was younger it would be The Devil Wearsottvc Prada, that’s a classic. Also, I, the Breather was a big influence too.

Hayden: It’s kind of funny because I am the only brother that doesn’t listen to heavy metal.. I listen to Taylor Swift and all the awesome stuff like that. Taylor’s definitely my woman.

Nathaniel: What was it like for you guys to win Creation Fest’s Northeast Talent Search Contest?

Chase: It was mind-blowing man.

Hayden: When they said the name, we were like, “Hey, that’s us!”.. then we sat there for five minutes and it sunk in.. holy crap, we won!

Chase: It was very unexpected, but it was a very humbling moment.

Nathaniel: What do you say to people who say heavy metal is not a good witnessing tool? A lot of people hear heavy metal and think that is Satan music, there is no way that is Christian music.

Chase: We’ve gotten that a lot, but we do it because there’s a lot of kids that we can reach that don’t listen to Chris Tomlin, softer Christian music that they connect with.. I think it’s a great opportunity to reach these kids. We don’t necessarily do it for other Christians, which it is encouraging for Christians, but it’s mainly for the kids that like the harder stuff. We’re just planting seeds.

Nathaniel: Do you guys have any new music coming out?

Chase: Oh yea! Better watch out for 2016, buddy. We are probably looking at summer of 2016.

Hayden: Maybe early fall of 2016.

Nathaniel: You guys have been to Creation and Icthus so far this summer.. anything else planned for the rest of the year?

Chase: Yea! We are going to Revelation Fest.

Nathaniel: Are you guys going to tour while you are writing your album?

Chase: No tours, but we will be doing weekend runs. Mostly focus on writing the album.

Nathaniel: Thanks for your time!

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