Talking with Phinehas’ Sean McCulloch

Yes, we just interviewed Phinehas this past summer at Creation fest. But we couldn’t quite possibly pass up talking to them again when we caught the band on tour with For Today. So here’s an extra bonus interview with Phinehas about the band’s inspirations and about their brand new album!


Nathaniel: Where did you guys get your name?

Sean McCulloch: We got that out of the Bible. Numbers 22. Phinehas is the grandson of Aaron the first priest.

Nathaniel: Where does your inspiration come from in writing music?

Sean: That’s a very broad question.. obviously all of us listen to different styles of music and a lot of metal. I know that Dan and Bryce love a lot of pop punk, but they also dig on Darkest Hour and Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, all those bands. Lee’s favorite band is Lamb of God.. when it comes to metal anyway.. he also loves Thrice. My all time favorite band is Jimmy Eat World, which is a pop band, and I love that band, I think they’re great. I also love metal as well. Really this is the music that we grew up on, when we are writing things just seem to evolve into the metal style.

Nathaniel: What’s been your favorite part of the tour so far?

Sean: Well I’m going to tell you my least favorite, but it also translates into my favorite. How packed these shows have been. I’ve got a little bit of… some of these shows have just been claustrophobic nightmares, but that’s a great thing because it makes for really fun shows. We’ve been playing smaller venues.. tonight and last night being the exception of that. There’s that and then there’s getting to hang out with four other bands.. like Silent Planet, those dudes are some of our best friends and For Today has always treated us like a little brother, which is really awesome. Shoutout to them for taking us on tour. Fit For A King we had met them in passing and now getting to hang out with them on this tour, it’s been awesome. Hanging out with Gideon is always a great time. It just seems like there is a great sense of community on this tour.

Nathaniel: You guys just came out with an album in July?

Sean: Yeah!

Nathaniel: What’s your favorite song off the new album?



Sean: Favorite song off the new album… I would have to say Till the End. Till the End or White Livered or Seven or.. it’s really hard to pick a favorite, honestly. I really enjoy the record.

Nathaniel: If you could tour with any band dead or alive who would it be?

Garrett (Silent Planet): Man, Silent Planet those guys rule!

(All laugh)

Sean: Lamb of God or Boston back when they had Brad Delp rest in peace. Queen, Freddie Mercury rest in peace. Creed, Scott Stapp, Alter Bridge. I feel like it would be really interesting to tour with an artist like Justin Timberlake. That’s so far fetched and kind of hilarious, but he just seems like an awesome dude.

Nathaniel: What’s your favorite song to play live?

Sean: White Livered. Absolutely.

Nathaniel: One thing you’ve wanted to do during a concert, but haven’t done it yet. Like stage dive or something like that.

Sean: I’ve stage dove a decent amount of times. I decided that it’s not for me. Either the mic gets ripped out of my hands, ruined or really I feel bad because the majority of people at shows I feel like I crush them. I weigh more than I look. What I’ve always wanted to do is step out into the crowd and they hold your legs up and you just stand there. Like I said I’m too heavy for that so I can’t do that.

Nathaniel: We have to make this happened tonight!



Sean: We’ll see man.

Nathaniel: Tell the crowd and get them to do it (laughs).

Sean: We’re the opening band we can’t pull a move like that.

Nathaniel: You have to set the tone for the rest of the night!

Sean: (laughs) Alright.

Nathaniel: Anything else you would like to add?

Sean: Thanks to For Today for having us out on your album release tour. Till the End is our most recent album. It came out about three months ago and I think anybody reading this would enjoy it. Thanks for having us!


Visit Phinehas on Twitter: @PhinehasBand

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