Talking with Planetshakers’ B.J. Pridham

The Planetshakers, born out of the Planetshaker Church in Melbourne, Australia, have been a part of the worship scene since 2000. Much like Hillsong, the Planetshakers have released a ton of records in that span of time. Their newest record, Let’s Go, released worldwide on September 11th, 2015. Nathaniel Jones recently spoke with B.J. Pridham about playing and writing worship music.


Nathaniel: What is your approach to writing music?

BJ:  The bible teaches us in Acts 1:8, “you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” In every project we embark on, the presence of God is our ultimate goal. As a writer at Planetshakers, I’m constantly on a mission to harbor the sounds and melodies that come from revelation of who He is. Our aim is to craft songs that are a vehicle for people to encounter God.

Nathaniel: Favorite place to play when touring? 

Planetshakers' B.J. Pridham

Planetshakers’ B.J. Pridham

BJ:  What a difficult question! It’s always such an honor to be with people all across the earth, and we love being everywhere. We never take it lightly that people open their hearts to us wherever we go.

That being said, we’re big lovers of food and coffee so wherever we find those things, we feel right at home.

As for me personally, I’m half Filipino, so I love seeing what God is doing in the Philippines — they are seriously passionate people!

Nathaniel: How hard is it to not get jaded playing worship time after time again? 

BJ:  To be quite honest I find it really simple and easy. I’m in love with Jesus. I have my very own relationship with Him and so does our team here at Planetshakers. This whole thing isn’t a performance, a band, another gig, we truly believe every moment is a moment made for His glory.  We have a lifestyle of worship and are never too quick to forget all the amazing things He’s done for us in the past, present, and future.  How could you not want to pour out your praise on Him time after time?  He’s such a good God.

Nathaniel: How has modern Worship evolved since the genesis of Planetshakers?

Planetshakers' BJ Pridham

Planetshakers’ BJ Pridham

BJ:  Jesus spoke the language of the day, so we believe it’s important to do the same in our worship. One thing we won’t change is our value on His word and His presence.

Nathaniel: How hard is it to balance between performance and ministry?

BJ: Jesus alone holds the value of my worth. The voice of the crowd is a highly volatile one, and will always lead to pain if it’s the source of your identity.  It’s like trying to keep up on a treadmill that is moving too fast. The Bible is clear, there is only one most deserving of our heart, and His name is Jesus.


Follow the Planetshakers on Twitter: @Planetshakers

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