Talking with Steve Taylor

After a 20 year musical hiatus, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Steve Taylor (with the Perfect Foil) released Goliath in the fall of 2014. Almost all the reviews that you’ll find online look at this record very favorably (as do I). The band also recently released the deluxe edition of the Goliath record. I recently spoke with Steve Taylor about his band, the Goliath record, and the possibility on future music.


Gabe: What are you most proud of with “Goliath”?

Steve: Since pride goes before a fall, and the album’s called “Goliath,” this is a trick question, right?

I’m happy it’s done. And I’m happy people like it.

Gabe: How in the world did you assemble your band with Jimmy A, Furler, and Painter? Right place, right time?

Steve: Since we’re all longtime friends, making music was a good excuse to hang out together.

Gabe: What is something you appreciate more now as a seasoned artist that maybe you didn’t appreciate earlier in your career?

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Steve: Movie-making taught me to better appreciate the benefits and joy of a good collaboration.

Gabe: How hard is it to make a living as an artist now compared to how it was 20 years ago?

Steve: The music business is almost unrecognizable from two decades ago. I have no idea how anybody makes a living at it without a trust fund.

Gabe: Is “Goliath” a swan song for Steve Taylor or perhaps the beginning of something special?

Steve: Based on my predictive track record when it comes to future music, why would anybody believe anything I say?

Gabe: You did “We Don’t Need No Color Code” a while ago. What kind of pushback did you get for that? What’s a current issue that the church needs to address that is as important as the “color code” of that day?

Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil

Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil

Steve: I haven’t thought about that in awhile. It was meant to be an incendiary song, so the pushback didn’t bother me. I’m less interested in writing topical songs now, but I suppose that for American Christians, our biggest challenge is the degree to which our American culture has reshaped the way we interpret the teachings of Jesus. As an example, I was pretty shocked at how many American Christians seem to be okay with torture.

Gabe: Ok, so Fred Armisen does a promo for the new Steve Taylor record… Is there a story behind Fred Armisen and Steve Taylor?

Steve: Steve Albini introduced me to Fred when he first started doing comedy and I became his biggest fan. We’ve been friends ever since.


Make sure you follow both Steve Taylor and the band on Twitter. @theperfectfoil @stevetaylortpf

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