Talking with Jonathan Thulin

Jonathan Thulin had a breakthrough release entitled “The White Room” in 2012. On March 17th, Thulin will release the much anticipated “Science Fiction”. This record will feature collaborations with Kevin Max, Rapture Ruckus, and more. I recently spoke to Jonathan about growing up in music and what inspires him.


Gabe: What did you learn from touring with your family and even playing with the Gaither Vocal Band and Carman at a young age?

Jonathan: Oh man, I learned a lot about ministry and about what walking by faith looks like! I remember as a 22 year old singing for 13,000 people was pretty overwhelming but the gaithers were always so encouraging 🙂

Jonathan Thulin

Jonathan Thulin

Gabe: What were some things that helped you develop into the artist you are now?

Jonathan: Being on stage a lot and also listening to a lot of music and watching other artists. There are so many inspiring artists around the world if you just take the time to look 🙂

Gabe: What are some things that motivate and inspire you both musically and lyrically?

Jonathan: Movies, books, people but mostly I think it’s my experiences in life. No better inspiration than how you feel right?

Gabe: Science Fiction has a lot of collaborations (Rapture Ruckus, Kevin Max, etc). How important is that for you as an artist?

Jonathan Thulin

Jonathan Thulin

Jonathan: Collaboration is really important to me. I really love working with all of these different artists. Because for one moment you get to enter into their worlds and into their mind. I think in general in this industry it’s important to stick together 🙂

Gabe: If you had to pick, what artist would you love to collaborate with that you haven’t already?

Jonathan: Andy Mineo


Check out “Science Fiction” next week! And follow Jonathan on Twitter: @JonathanThulin

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